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Coaching FAQs


What is the difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling?
A Coach will stretch your thinking, encourage and champion you to help you unlock your own potential. They’ll ask you great thinking questions, and invite you to explore multiple options as you strategically work through the goals you have set for yourself. They’ll challenge you at times, and ensure you take action through inspiring you and holding you accountable on a regular basis. Coaching is focused on the present and future, rather than the past.

Mentoring is more about providing advice, wisdom and guidance on potential opportunities and roadblocks. At times the need for mentoring arises in Coaching, and the Coach will seek your permission before switching to a mentoring conversation.

Counselling is a professional approach that enable people to develop self-understanding and to make changes in their lives. There are many kinds of counselling approaches, and counsellors work within a clearly contracted arrangement.

Life is busy, why should I bother with Coaching?
Sometimes it is hard to see the bigger picture for ourselves. A Coach will help you clear your vision, and look at your situation with a new lens so that you can find yourself thinking and acting differently to achieve what you never thought was possible.

Why can Coaching be so impactful?
It can be an amazing experience having someone listen to you, and be wholeheartedly present for you without any agenda. All in a safe space so that you can share your dreams and challenges, and have someone help you develop your own insights and actions over time. The power of coaching is amazing and the results simply speak for themselves. People find themselves unshackling a lifetime of habits that aren’t serving them well, transforming the way they think and act as they achieve their life goals. Working with a coach delivers all this (and more) in a focused, positive and structured way.

How many sessions will I need?
Our Neuroleadership trained Coaches have an extensive resources toolkit which they will share with you over the course of your Coaching engagement, usually between 10 and 12 sessions. The initial session lasts 90 minutes, with follow up sessions of 1 hour.

What areas can I be coached on?
In our style of Coaching, clients usually work on 3 Primary goals and a few Secondary goals. You’ll get to decide what goals you’d like to work on, some example areas include:

  • life balance
  • personal productivity
  • career
  • business development
  • personal habits (e.g. becoming healthier)
  • managing staff and teams
  • being a better leader
  • managing stress
  • managing finances
  • building confidence
  • coping with life changes (e.g. during a redundancy, or maternity leave/return to work)
  • improving relationships (business and personal)
  • developing emotional intelligence


How will my Coaching be delivered?
Our style of coaching is usually delivered over the phone or via skype or zoom. There are times when we deliver face to face coaching.

What is going to be expected from me?
Your Coach will get in touch with you, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about Coaching and what it would involve. Once you agree to be coached, your coach will send you a Coaching Agreement. This will clearly outline the Terms and Conditions of Coaching, such as when and where coaching will take place, how to best contact each other, how to cancel a session, who is paying for the coaching, etc.

The relationship between the Coach and their client is one of mutual trust and respect. It is expected that you will be on time for your coaching sessions, become involved and to the best of your ability complete any activities/resources shared with you. This greatly enhances the experience and will help you get the most out of your Coaching.

Do I get to choose my Coach?
In most instances, your Coach will be selected for you. The selection process is based on the industry you’re in & which Coach will be best suited to you. Should you feel that you’re not connecting with the Coach, at any point you can request a change of Coach.

Is what I tell the Coach confidential?
Yes – the Coaching chats are confidential. They are a wonderful opportunity to discuss anything that is concerning you and receive support in a trusted and safe space. On occasion, your Coach may wish to talk to a third party, but they would only do so after asking for and receiving your permission.


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