UBalancer Online

Our comprehensive & sophisticated tool

UBalancer Online is a unique and powerful cloud based software tool that lends science to the art of Coaching.

Our approach to Coaching is holistic – all of our Neuroleadership Coaches have been trained to have powerful Life Balance conversations using the UBalancer Online tool to develop strategies for a happier, more effective and productive life. It also offers organisations qualitative and quantitative data and analytics, to help shape more targeted and meaningful recruitment, retention and engagement campaigns.

UBalancer online was designed using insights from Dr. Robyn Young’s PhD research in Life Balance (Griffith, 2009) & her book, “Bounce Back: 7 insights to help manage life balance”, which was published in 2010. Dr. Young’s research in this field paved new philosophies on performance management & revolutionised how people think about Life Balance in today’s world.

UBalancer online in typically managed by our Coaches, however clients have full access to reporting & the back end of the software. The cloud based software follows the process of raising an individual’s awareness through the data they enter into the Balance Input Table and reflection upon their current situation using charts and system generated questions; followed by a process of developing an action plan, monitoring and tracking performance.


The Dashboard provides a snapshot of a participant’s achievement of goals, time allocation, time in Balance and Diversity across Life’s Roles

  • Number of goals
  • Status of goals
  • Time allocation graph
  • Time in balance calculation
  • Measures of diversity

Input Table

The Balance Input table invites participants to allocate priorities to each of their Life Roles, allocate the weekly Actual and Preferred Time to each role, access Sub-Roles and save the record.  Features include

  • A choice of preset life roles
  • Customizable sub roles for each role
  • Priority setting per role
  • Time allocation tracker
  • On screen alerts


Based on the data input into UBalancer a series of charts and graphs are generated providing the participant with the chance to clearly understand their current situation. It identifies the gaps between the Actual and Preferred allocation of time spent between roles.

  • Opportunity graph identifies time available for other roles
  • Priority Graph shows the gaps between the preferred and actual allocation
  • History graph shows how the allocation changes over time
  • Compare the allocation of time between roles to see if one is impacting the other


Reflection is an important step in taking control and making the right choices.
The UBalancer system analyses the data the participant has provided and comes up with a series of Reflective open questions that are designed to challenge the participant and pinpoint areas where a change might provide positive impact in their lives.

  • Reflections based on the allocation imbalance
  • Reflections based on non-achievement of minimum allocations
  • Reflections based on diversity


Goal setting and action planning in UBalancer is based on the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) Principle.  Email notifications when goals fall due are an option helping the participant to stay motivated and committed to the outcome.

  • SMART goal framework
  • Progress tracking
  • Filtering
  • Email Notifications

For Coaches and Professional Facilitators

UBalancer has been designed with a number of usage scenarios in mind and includes many features to streamline and improve the coaching experience.
Features include managing users and settings, connecting facilitators and participants, reporting, conducting coaching sessions, and security.

  • Online Help
  • All user details and settings on a single page
  • Simplified user setup when adding bulk users
  • Settings for locations, standard user preferences and standard sub-roles
  • A tool linking facilitators with participants
  • Sessions may be run face to face or over Skype (or similar)
  • Microsoft Azure takes care of the back-up but you may also back-up if you wish