Kendra Strudwick

Head UBalancer Executive Coach

Kendra Strudwick
Head UBalancer Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

It is truly a privilege to be a coach. I believe that people do have the answers within themselves. All they need is a little help to improve the quality of the questions they ask and someone with fresh eyes to witness the magic and validate the results.

Professional Bio:

Kendra Strudwick is a Professional Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer and accomplished presenter who specialises in the neuroscience of leadership. Kendra who has a background in Nursing and clinical education, founded InspirAction Coaching & Training in 2002 with a view to marry the science with the art of professional development. She believes that leaders who don’t know how the brain works are at a severe disadvantage and that understanding the brain is the key to unlocking motivation, performance and innovation.

Kendra’s training is engaging, practical and pragmatic. Programs covering aspects such as neuro-leadership, coaching skills, powerful conversations and personal resilience can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific organisation. Her clients have included: Pepsico, ResMed, CBA, Toll & AGL.

As a coach Kendra takes a whole brain approach and is well known for her ability to challenge and champion her clients at the same time. She has over 4000 hours of coaching experience within a broad client base, from small business owners to CEO’s. In 2012 Kendra was one of 14 coaches selected, worldwide, to coach at The Richard Branson School for Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Kendra is committed to her own on-going personal & professional development and ‘walks the talk’ by embracing coaching supervision. Her core values are: authenticity, contribution, creativity & growth. She is happily married with 4 children and lives in Sydney.

Kendra is currently authoring her first book “The Neuroscience of Networking” which of course combines two of her passions.


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Mindset Coaching
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