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Structured Coaching Conversations

All UBalancer Coaches are trained in the Neuroscience of leadership, a scientifically proven brain-based approach to leadership development and personal effectiveness. Research has shown that Neuroleadership Coaching has a significant impact on Clients, Direct Reports, their Organizations and the Coaches themselves and improves retention, engagement, productivity and performance – all impacting favourably on the bottom line. Rock & Done (2008)

UBalancer Solutions partners with Organisations and works collaboratively to design and deliver tailored Coaching experiences that integrate with and fulfil specific needs or requirements of that Organisation. Our Coaches have a unique and varied background of technical and industry expertise, and we take great care to match these specialisations to deliver valued outcomes in people excellence and talent strategy.

Coaching engagements are based on the Neuroleadership framework, which typically involves the following:

  • 10-12 Coaching sessions over phone or skype (this can vary depending on your focus and needs)
  • Held weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Over a period of 3-9 months


Insightful Online Software Tool

Our approach to Coaching is holistic – all of our Neuroleadership Coaches have been trained to have powerful Life Balance conversations using the UBalancer Online tool to develop strategies for a happier, more effective and productive life.

UBalancer Online is a unique and powerful cloud based software tool that lends science to the art of Coaching. It offers qualitative and quantitative data and analytics, to help Organisations shape more targeted and meaningful recruitment, retention and engagement campaigns.

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Innovative Workshop Series

The UBalancer Coaching workshops are designed to assist people to navigate through growth and transition, develop positive and solution-­focused styles of communication in a holistic, educational and motivational setting. They are flexible and are designed to meet the specific needs of each Organisation.

The Workshops available in the Seminar Series include:

UBalancer – Introduction to Life Balance Concepts
Participants have the opportunity to explore Life Balance concepts and look at their own situation through accessing UBalancer online. Great visuals and graphs display how they are prioritizing, spending their time and the choices they are making across all of their life roles work, study, sport, family, health, managing finances etc).

This workshop invites discussion and insight around contemporary issues such as managing Social Media and emails, multi-tasking and getting enough sleep.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
If we want leaders who can navigate through today’s challenges, make good decisions and have influence, we need to equip them with EQ skills. These skills are learnable and have been shown to improve leadership effectiveness, retention, the climate of the organisation and the bottom line in general. Attendance at this workshop will introduce participants to core EQ capabilities that allow people to build a climate and culture that supports exceptional leadership.

Mindful Balance
People who practice mindfulness at work report an improved ability to communicate clearly and more appropriate reactions to stressful situations. They also report a better ability to handle workplace conflict, improved teamwork, a better ability to “think out of the box” and in some cases enhanced creativity.

This Workshop explores the neuroscience of mindfulness and how living mindfully benefits people in all aspects of their life. Cultivating attention and awareness through mindfulness provides a new way for leaders and their workforce to live all aspects of their lives with a greater sense of skill, connection, openness, and balance. Blending themes around how to use mindfulness to build Emotional Intelligence, this workshop is a must for anyone experiencing overwhelm in their life.

Life Skills Workshop Series
There are 5 workshops in this series: Lead with Emotional Intelligence; Knowing your Brain and your Habits,: Life Balance; Know your Strengths and Mindsets and Goals. Participants will have their minds stretched with new concepts not typically covered in educational curriculum. This holistic Workshop series will allow participants to begin a journey of self-­exploration and gain insights into themselves that will help achieve whatever goals they have set in their lives, either personally or professionally.