Inspired Leadership

Connection. Collaboration. Co-creation.

We are dedicated to elevating the effectiveness of tomorrows leaders, today

...why? Because in order to thrive in our increasingly complex world, a new set of leadership skills are required

We are pioneering a new approach to Leadership Excellence in Australia

UBalancer Solutions are a network of highly specialised Executive Coaches who work with high potential emerging leaders and organisations across Australia to enhance leadership effectiveness, team collaboration and organisational performance.

We are passionate about applying scientifically proven brain-based and Emotional Intelligence coaching techniques to transition high potential managers to high performing leaders. 

As the first network in Australia to provide powerful NeuroLeadership, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence and Life Balance Leadership Excellence Programs, we are proud to be supporting leading businesses around Australia to create a culture of people and performance excellence with agility, creativity, collaboration and innovation at the core.

We co-create bespoke Leadership Excellence Programs with our clients to ensure their specific needs are fulfilled in an energizing and inspiring way. We offer our clients a suite of powerful Executive Coaching Programs (individual and group), dynamic team Workshops and Webinars and insightful people focused business intelligence tools to achieve their desired outcomes.

You can find out more about our offerings by clicking here.

We are also super-charge people capability through Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Approach Training Programs

As a Preferred Partner of Six Seconds, the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network, we are certified to facilitate two (2) day training programs on the “Foundations of Emotional Intelligence” – a prerequisite to anyone wanting to become a certified Six Seconds Survey of Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Assessor. We run these training programs every two (2) months across Australia and also offer them in house to teams wanting to increase their capability in the Emotional Intelligence space. Read more about the Six Seconds Survey of Emotional Intelligence by clicking here.

We also run “A Coaching Approach to Leadership” training programs for companies wanting to elevate the coaching language in their teams. This is facilitated by highly skilled Neuro-Coaches who are experts in the neuroscience of transformational conversations.

UCare Education 

UCare Education is designing a new, wholehearted vision for Education, by infusing powerful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs in primary and secondary schools across Australia. UCare is focused on developing the whole child, including their social and emotional development, not just their intellect. We equip students, educators and their wider learning community to better manage overwhelm, foster positive, healthy relationships, grow resilience, compassion and tenacity. Our programs are tailored to inspire a growth mindset, perseverance, optimal decision making and most importantly, a belief in students that they can achieve whatever they want in life.

Our wish is that all schools and their communities embrace and infuse social emotional learning into their process, so we can develop a generation of future leaders who have the courage, compassion and connectedness to thrive!

The development of SEL competencies enables youth (as well as educators and parents) to blend emotions and cognition to make optimal choices, improve relationships, and accomplish goals. It also helps students to:

  • have a greater self-awareness
  • elevate communication
  • develop stronger relationships
  • better negotiate difficult situations
  • be more empathetic and compassionate
  • relate more easily to others
  • build resilience, tenacity, perseverance
  • create a more meaningful learning journey

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