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Alison Lalieu
Alison Lalieu
CEO, Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:
I feel a strong desire to make a difference to the lives of my clients, as together we explore and create a road map for personal and professional change.  Neuroleadership coaching is exciting as it helps people to better understand how their brain is key to unlocking their motivation, innovation and performance, and I believe that blending this with my deep understanding of Life Balance supports my clients in a holistic way. My hope is for people to thrive, and I feel privileged to be in a position to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential.
Professional Bio:

Alison Lalieu is a Brain-based NeuroLeadership Coach, who is deeply passionate about blending Life Balance & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concepts into a holistic, life changing Coaching experience. She is dedicated to empowering & transforming tomorrow’s leaders, today.

Alison is the CEO of UBalancer Solutions, a National Network of professional NeuroLeadership Coaches, who share her vision & determination to help people lead better lives, unlock their potential & find their motivation/ drive to thrive. Alison leads an amazing team at UBalancer Solutions who are experts in creating & managing the delivery of flexible & powerful solutions for a range of Clients across Business, Education, Health & Professional Sport in Australia.

Alison strives to authentically build & nurture a Coaching Network of excellence that embodies these values in every aspect of their work. The Network is strongly connected & thrives through shared ongoing professional collaboration.

It is Alison’s vision that any Client coming into contact with UBalancer Solutions will be provided with the space to think, where their limiting beliefs will be challenged & their eyes opened to the limitless possibilities that lie before them.

Alison has worked internationally, facilitating Workshops & training Coaches in the UBalancer Life Balance Online tool and philosophies in South Africa, India, UK, New Zealand & Singapore. She was also a recipient of the Raymond Dart Academic Excellence Award (Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1984) – an achievement that highlights her lifelong dedication to ongoing study & sharing her learning with others.

Based in Brisbane, QLD.