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Amanda Crawford
Amanda Crawford
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

The power of coaching is amazing. The results simply speak for themselves. I’ve seen my clients unshackle from their lifetime habits, transform the way they act and achieve their goals. Working with a coach delivers all this (and more) in a focused, positive and structured way. Personally, my understanding of brain-based coaching has improved my performance and my overall sense of wellbeing.

Professional Bio:

Amanda is a Brain-based NeuroLeadership Coach and Chartered Accountant who is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of others by empowering them to fulfil their potential. Leveraging a background in corporate restructuring, commercial management and consulting, her experience includes functional roles (operational and financial); strategic project management; organisational design; culture and change initiatives. She loves helping ambitious professionals set and achieve their goals.

Amanda’s extensive background working in Professional Services allows her to quickly establish rapport with clients and understand their career challenges in the context of broader organisational priorities.

Her clients have included emerging leaders transitioning into more senior positions, where the focus has been on “hitting the ground running” when stepping into a new role. She has also worked with managers seeking to better understand their strengths and challenge areas in order to maximise their contribution and personal/professional satisfaction. Amanda also works with small business owners and individual professionals to help them understand where they want to go and how to get there.

Amanda has seen compelling results from her clients in terms of performance growth and professional development, particularly around leadership, communication skills and relationship-building.

Amanda is passionate about her work and her clients; she brings energy and enthusiasm to her coaching. She believes we are all capable of maximising our potential and often just need someone to support us in setting clear objectives and achieving them.

Based in Sydney, NSW.