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Cass Russell
Cass Russell
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

Coaching is an empowering, co-creative process. My role is to be open, fully present and create a space that allows my clients to reach clarity and new ideas. What I truly love about coaching is hearing ‘aha’ moments as people find new realisations.

Professional Bio:

Cass is an executive coach and experienced change management specialist with a firm belief in the power of a positive attitude and taking consistent action.  She specialises in goal achievement, performance enhancement, cultural change, project management and leadership development.

Prior to establishing herself in the consultant market, Cass had a highly successful career as a Manager and change leader in the higher Education and IT sectors.

Her strengths as a coach include motivating and inspiring performance, leadership training, transforming organisational culture and accomplishing great outcomes.  She thinks laterally, deals with challenging situations with ease and has successfully coached numerous senior leaders through change management and cultural change endeavours.

As a project manager, Cass worked internationally and within Australia in a complex International network of companies. A key player in four major organisational restructures, she has extensive personal experience of leading others through the stages of change, including initiating and managing the change, performance leadership and coaching through transformation, and communication and process harmonisation in critical projects.

Cass is recognised as a stand-out coach, mentor and leader due to her ability to absorb a situation, gain trust, think outside the box and effortlessly bring out the best in others. With over 25 years experience in senior management roles and as an executive coach, Cass prides herself on her unique values system and quality client base.

Cass is based in Brisbane, QLD.