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Evelyn Szumski
Evelyn Szumski
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

I’ve always loved getting to know all kinds of people and what makes them tick. Coaching has allowed me not only to get to know many different kinds of people but also to help them to become the best they can be by understanding themselves better. There is no greater reward than seeing someone else grow before your eyes and share in their successes.

Professional Bio:

Evelyn is the Managing Director of Leading Training Solutions and specialises in leadership training, customer services, business coaching and personal development, specialising in teaching communication and understanding across multi-generational workforces.

Evelyn is very much the humanitarian. Her years of life and career experience have made her a strong advocate of people’s individual rights and in educating people how, as unique individuals with differing life views, these views can be meshed together into a harmonious community both in society and in the workplace.

Evelyn also specialises in coaching business owners and company CEOs. She helps business owners identify their goals, understand and formalise them and strategize the implementation of achieving these goals in simple, easy to manage steps over allocated time frames and is part of the ‘YB12 Coaching’ franchise aimed at overcoming procrastination through mastering Mindset and UBalancer Solutions NeuroLeadership brain based offering.

She has a deep understanding of how people think, work and react across the generations from baby boomers, generation x, generation y and the younger generation z. Her passion is educating people on how your brain works as well as the different multigenerational views and she has an innate ability to share her knowledge and demonstrate how these can be applied to promote greater understanding, resulting in greater performance, communication and business growth.

Holding key management and leadership roles within the Telecommunications industry for more than 20 years, Evelyn was regarded as the ‘go to’ person on a range of corporate areas including employee coaching and mentoring, union delegate assistance, employee rights, nationwide policies, procedures and rollout of systems, demonstrating the high regard held for her.

Based in Sydney, NSW.