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Jennifer Clinton
Jennifer Clinton
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

Brain based coaching has the potential  to change lives. It has allowed me to listen and watch people find the answers within themselves and realize their dreams. No matter what age, to be able to help anyone to change the way they think by unlocking their own potential and honouring their calling, is why I find coaching so exciting and fulfilling.

Professional Bio:

Jennifer is a Neuroleadership trained coach and is passionate about brain based coaching, education, wellbeing, her family and friends. Having spent time assisting young International Students to learn English as a second language, she understands that patient listening is imperative, as students have their own way of learning and progressing towards their goals. When you make the decision to take on any commitment, for example study, as your coach, Jennifer’s aim is to see that you have a positive learning experience while still enjoying your other passions and life commitments.