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Jo Fisher
Jo Fisher
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

I love bringing out the best in others definitely brings the best out of me.  I get such great satisfaction being part of someone else’s journey and supporting them and encouraging them and pushing them when need be, to create the life and results that they know they are capable of.

Professional Bio:

As a former Chief of Staff at a Madison Avenue, New York Advertising Agency, Jo has personally experienced the challenges that come from moving into a leadership role and the variety of issues that come up in demanding roles. It was during this role that Jo realised that although the issues that came up for everyone were similar, there had to be an individual process for each person to perform at their best.

Jo also held the role of Head of Production for Australia’s most awarded TV Commercials Director. Working for over a decade at a world class level with some of the most talented and respected people in her field has been a consistent source of inspiration and the standard to which she continues to work.

Being a coach was a natural part of the leadership roles that Jo took on before she became an accredited coach with the Neuroleadership network. Having a brain-based approach to improving performance and thinking gave her the structure and process she needed to be able to support and guide her clients into roles where they could thrive, not just in the office but also in the rest of their life.

Jo is also the founder of  Pop with Jo, which creates high-end online courses and programs that challenge bland and sameness. Her unique understanding around how adults learn and her neuroscience background has quickly become a valuable zone of genius that is shedding a new light on the online education landscape.

Underpinning Jo’s work are a strong set of values:

  • To be a positive influence
  • To work collaboratively
  • To believe in the potential of every client
  • To enjoy the process
  • To be a source of support in what can be a challenging experience

Based in Brisbane, QLD.