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Melissa Boyle
Melissa Boyle
Executive Coach

Why I love Coaching Testimonial:

As a coach I love seeing people transform through the process, to breakthrough any limiting beliefs, gain clarity and grow awareness in a positive and empowering way. Setting measurable Goals and taking action, clients can see and achieve their desired results.

Professional Bio:

Melissa is a brain-based NeuroLeadership coach who is passionately committed to developing Emotional Intelligence and Life Balance through powerful, self-directed and solution focused coaching.

Melissa works with her clients to achieve what is most valuable to them, through developing strategies and applying actions that enable them to see measurable results. She is passionate about empowering and supporting individuals to gain the clarity, self-knowledge and skills to be revitalised in their business and personal growth journeys.

Melissa’s past experience as an executive trainer, developing and running a construction company with her husband as well as her passion for learning and facilitating positive change gives Melissa a very comprehensive and unique range of experience, skillsets, techniques and tools to support clients in achieving their personal and professional goals.

With Melissa’s guidance and knowledge of neuroscience, clients are able to set inspiring new goals and to feel supported through a journey of powerful, energising and effective conversations tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.

Her passion is in supporting and inspiring people to develop clarity in their vision and purpose. She strongly believes that self-awareness can be learnt and developed and a strong sense of self that is aligned with core values will empower her clients to effectively achieve individual goals.