Neuroscience of Leadership

Over the last 10 years, functioning MRI’s have enabled Neuroscientists to better understand what our brains need to function at an optimal level and how our brains react to change.



Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

in Leadership

The study of EQ isn’t new. What is new is the ground breaking global scientific research measuring and validating the link EQ has to hard science and the role it plays in achieving optimal effectiveness, relationships, health and quality of life.



Neuroscience of Leadership




Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Leadership


Executive Coaching

We support individuals and teams to achieve their highest aspirations, stretch thinking and realise their fullest potential through transformational individual or group Coaching programs, grounded in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence® frameworks. Our powerful Coaching programs range from 5 – 12 sessions, can be facilitated virtually or face-to-face and are tracked / measured through smart profiling and benchmarking tools.

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We facilitate inspiring, informative and interactive Masterclasses that provide teams with the opportunity to experience the true power of collaboration, introduce new rituals and gain practical tools to apply in the workplace. These memorable experiences deepen understanding of the value of sharing and discovering together and range from 1.5 hours to full day sessions.

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Leadershift Programs

We create customised Leadershift Programs to accelerate the personal and professional development of leadership cohorts, to masterfully growing their skills and capabilities in improving communication, breaking down silos, elevating engagement and activating high levels of innovation. Our powerful, bespoke Programs are made up of a unique combination of individual and group Coaching, Masterclasses, Webinars, Global Research & Resources, individual and group Profiling and Benchmarking.

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People Intelligence & profiling

We administer a suite of world-class, scientifically validated and practical profiling tools that provide individuals, teams and organisations with a better understanding of leadership capability, team dynamics and organisational climate. These Profiling tools form the basis of our Coaching and Workshop Programs, to ensure high impact outcomes due to the right development needs are being addressed.

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Workplace Coach Certification Programs

We facilitate a unique Coach Certification Pathway Program that equips leaders with the Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence Coaching skills to elevate internal human resource frameworks. Our six (6) month training program includes a series of face-to-face and virtual training that results in two (2) certifications, and training hours can be lodged toward International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation pathways.

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Recruitment Profiling

We enrich the recruitment process by administering a scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile for potential candidates, so Hiring Managers have a more holistic view of potential candidates, a deeper understanding of their leadership potential and key development needs. We guide interview questions based on individual EQ Profiles, provide feedback on candidate rankings and add a layer of value to the candidate/ hiring experience.

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Memorable Meetings

We spice up meetings, workshops and events by injecting unique, energising, informative, highly experiential and memorable learning opportunities for small to large teams. From keynote speaking, to interactive workshops, mindful / teambuilding drumming, or meditation and yoga, we have you covered!

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