We provide leaders with the essential skills to thrive in a VUCA world!

We are a network of highly skilled and certified Emotional Intelligence & NeuroCoaches across Australia and New Zealand, helping leaders and organisations super-charge their effectiveness, performance and well-being. We draw on world-class  research and high impact coaching frameworks to cultivate a new language of leadership, impact, potential and dreams.

The wisdom lies within… we’re simply trained to unlock it!

No boundaries, only possibilities – that’s the mantra we live by every single day. We believe so strongly in the work we do, and we know the impact it has on the livelihood of organisations and their people, that we feel a duty of care to bring this kind of unique coaching and content to as many people as possible. The dopamine rush that comes from rolling up our sleeves and working with individuals, teams and organisations to bring their vision and values to life is just a bonus. The best part is, we use a unique blend of globally tested and proven coaching frameworks to marry the science to the art of leadership – we remove the “fluff” and apply data and research into transformational frameworks.

We lend science to the art of leadership!

At the core, all our Coaches are science geeks – we’re fascinated by the brain and the incredible impact it has on personal and professional effectiveness. The fact that a lot of people don’t know the first thing about how their brain (the single most critical muscle in the body) works and the implications it has on their lives, relationships, decision making etc is kind of scary to us. But where the magic really happens, is when our knowledge of the brain is coupled with the science behind emotional intelligence (EQ). The leaders and organisations we work with, learn how to bring colleagues into a toward state, how to calm the limbic brain and open the Pre-Frontal Cortex for some creative, innovative and logical thinking (hope we’re not losing you!). Then we go a layer deeper to look at individual team and organisations EQ competencies and climate – we measure and grow trust, we measure effectiveness and develop competencies to grow.

All it takes is

Six Seconds!

We’re very proud to be a Global Preferred Partner of the world’s largest EQ Network, Six Seconds. As the 2nd preferred partner in Australia, we are certified to integrate their suite of cutting edge individual, team and organisational profiling tools into all our client engagements.  Six Seconds’ vision is to have 1 billion people having emotionally intelligence conversations  by 2030 (a pretty incredible goal right!), and we’re dedicated to doing our bit too.

Our Values guide the way we do business!

We bring Authegrity (lead with courage & compassion), Connection (we create more resilient & thriving communities), Edge (we think outside the box), Fun (we believe everything is more enjoyable when it’s fun) & Impact (we transform lives) to every person we meet, every email we write, every conversation we have and every program we roll out.