We’ve all held (and in some cases, still hold) Senior Management Positions around the globe, so we know all too well the strategic, relationship and performance obstacles leaders face everyday. We’re a bunch of accountants, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, property developers and marketing specialists.

Most importantly, we’re all life long learners – our professional development list is endless. We like to think of ourselves as your personal researcher – we seek the latest, most cutting edge content from across the world and bring only the best to your doorstep.

For me coaching is a way of being with people. I love holding a space for others to think, get clarity, set goals, find resources and stay on track. It’s so rewarding to facilitate this process for others, and to watch their passion and confidence grow. I’m on a personal mission to continually upgrade my knowledge and skill, so I can be a better coach – for myself and others

Amanda Crawford, UBalancer Executive Coach