Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

The study of EQ isn’t new. What is new is the ground breaking global scientific research measuring and validating the link EQ has to hard science and the role it plays in leaders developing their Change Readiness, Effectiveness, Decision Making, Relationships, Influence, Health and Quality of Life.

Today, the people side of performance (i.e. EQ) has risen to the top of the corporate agenda; not surprising given EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance and it is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge or expertise (Six Seconds). In fact, many refer to learnable, measurable skills of EQ as the “Difference that makes the difference”. Read it for yourself! 6sec.org/case

The World Economic Forum’s “The Future of Jobs” research identifies EQ as one of the top skills for the future. Why? Today, success requires collaboration, influencing across boundaries, and navigating complexity — skills that are fueled by EQ. The proof is in the pudding:

FedEx: 59.8% of leadership performance predicted by EQ.
New managers increased EQ by 12% yielding dramatic improvements in effectiveness. 6sec.org/fedex

Amadori: 76% of employee engagement predicted by EQ.
Higher EQ managers have a more committed workforce and drop turnover by 63%. 6sec.org/amadori

Komatsu: 9.4% increase in plant productivity.
In three months of integrating EQ to increase vitality, engagement doubled. 6sec.org/komatsu

The Business Case clearly establishes that Emotionally Intelligent leaders foster a safe, trusting workplace climate conducive to high performance; they make more effective decisions, model resilience, lead with optimism, grow better relationships and have more engaged teams.

As a Preferred Partner of the World’s largest EQ Network, Six Seconds our Coaches are certified and highly skilled at infusing scientific, global and transformational EQ tools, frameworks and methods into the essence of everything we do – and the results are nothing short of magic!

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